Thursday, April 07, 2005

Start with a rant

Why is so hard for people to swim clock-wise following the little arrows on the signs at the ends of the lanes? Oh, no they want to swim down the middle of the lane - it never occurs to them that there might me someone else in the pool. The worse types back stroke down the middle of the lane - there was a git today - I couldn't stop myself from punching him as I swam pass in the other direction. Also ignorant are the swimmers who do 2 or 4 fast lengths pressurising you, trying to overtake and then park their flacid asses at the end of the pool just where you want to kick or tumble turn.
Ignorant buggers.
I think that I'll write a "Swim Lane Etiquette Guide" and see if the pool will print it and issue to lunchtime swimmers.
I feel so much better now.